Summer Reading Group

All are invited to participate in a CETAL Summer Reading Group from June to August. The goals of the Reading Group are for interested faculty and administrators to critically consider a text related to teaching or their field and to connect with others from across ECC.


Rather than everyone reading the same book, participants are invited to choose their own text. How the text connects to teaching or your field is up to you. Participants share a series of short online responses (video, audio, or written text) with the group. The group will gather for one synchronous discussion/wrap up at the end. A tentative schedule for Summer 2022 is included below.

Friday, May 20: Deadline to JoinThursday, June 2: Post 1 Thursday, June 23: Post 2Thursday, July 14: Post 3Thursday, August 4: Live Discussion/ Wrap Up

Since there is complete freedom to choose a book, participants are asked to provide their own text. If you’re interested to join but are not sure what to read, a great starting place is to explore ECC Library's Guide with suggestions of available e-books on teaching and links to e-book databases. Additionally, feel free to email Tyler Roeger, Director of CETL, at to discuss suggestions.

How to Join

To join for Summer 2022, email Tyler Roeger at, by Friday May 20th, with the name of the text you’re interested in reading. Consider this a gentle push to finally read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months or for years and an opportunity to think aloud and share with others about what you find.