Content-Based Workshops

Each semester, CETL offers several workshops that focus on different teaching approaches and emerging practices. Workshops are led by faculty and administrators from across the college (and external facilitators, on occasion) and provide faculty with opportunities to learn about different teaching strategies to try out and to share their successes and challenges with one another.

Photo by Mark Carriveau
  • Creating Transparent Assignments
Jan. 16 1:00- 3pm in C120
  • Grading with Google Classroom, Part 1
Jan. 17 10:00- 11am in E111
  • Teaching Squares: Introductory Meeting
Jan. 21 10:00- 11:30am (C120) or Jan. 22 3:00- 4:30pm (E216)
  • Gauging Student Learning
Jan. 28 2:00- 4pm in E214
  • Faculty Observation & Feedback
Jan. 31 9:00am- 1pm in C120 (CANCELLED)
  • Grading with Google Classroom, Part 2
Feb. 7 10:00- 11am in E211
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
Feb. 18 2:00- 4pm or Feb. 20 10:00am- 12pm in B182
  • NAPE Series: Micromessaging to Reach and Teach Every Student
Feb. 21 9:00am- 3pm in E121
  • NAPE Series: Universal Design for Learning
Mar. 13 1:00- 2:30pm (Webinar)
  • NAPE Series: Eliminating Barriers Through Culturally Responsive Teaching
Apr. 3 1:00- 2:30apm (Webinar)
  • NAPE Series: Inspiring Courage Through Self-Efficacy
Apr. 13 1:00- 2:30pm (Webinar)
  • Writing Your Teaching Philosophy
Apr. 15 2:30- 4:30pm or Apr. 16 10:00am- 12pm in E214
  • Universal Design for Learning
Apr. 28 2:00- 4:00pm in E214
  • NAPE Series: Equity in Problem-Based Learning
May. 1 9:00- 3pm in E121
  • Managing the Enhanced Classroom
Jan. 21- Mar. 2 (Online)
  • Online Instruction and Assessment
Mar. 3- May 4 (Online)
  • Hybrid Teaching
Mar. 3- May 4 (hybrid)

Registering for Workshops

To register for CETL content-workshops (those that have a course code) and for Assessment Diaries, go to the accessECC Portal, and on the "Self-Service Menu" box, select "Continuing Ed Registration" -> "Continuing Ed Registration" -> "Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes." In the "Course Code Number" box, enter the specific course code provided in the semester CETL booklet or search "CFD" to bring up all courses. Select the workshops you'd like to register for and click "Submit." From there, follow the commands to finish registering. All courses are free of charge.

Registering ahead of time through accessECC ensures that the course shows up on your transcript and helps for logistical preparations.

Click here for more detailed instructions, including screenshots.

Submitting a Workshop Topic

To suggest a topic for a workshop, contact Tyler Roeger at or (847) 214-7696. There is also a CETL Workshop Proposal Form (fillable PDF version or Word version) that can be used to provide more detail or to request that an already-planned workshop or series of workshops receive lane credit through CETL.

Receiving Lane Movement Credit for CETL Workshops

Lane movement, as stipulated by the ECCFA contract and describd in the Faculty Development Handbook, is the process by which faculty advance in salary level, based on credentials and acquired lane movement credits. CETL's Content-Based Workshops are automatically pre-approved for lane movement. As defined in the Faculty Development Handbook, the number of CFD Workshop Clock Hours for the Year to be applied towards lane movement from CETL is equal to the number of CETL workshop clock hours divided by 24. For instance, a single two-hour CETL workshop would equal 2/24 CFD Workshop Clock Hours to be applied toward lane movement. For more information, consult the Faculty Development Handbook.

Past Workshops