CETL Programs and Events

Workshops that focus on different teaching approaches and emerging practices, vary each semester

An annual multi-session event in which colleagues from across ECC share assessment projects and teaching strategies related to assessment

A professional development program to guide new full-time and part-time faculty to campus resources and teaching approaches

Monthly one-hour workshops, each focusing on a different teaching tool, in which faculty are invited to bring a working document and provide and receive feedback

End-of-the-semester event in which faculty commit to a block of grading and receive support in the way of a quiet, communal space and coffee and snacks

Semester-long program that organized faculty into groups for non-evaluative observations and self reflection

Online group of faculty and administrators each reading a text they choose and sharing their responses

Registering for Content-Based Workshops and Assessment Diaries

To register for CETL content-workshops (those that have a course code) and for Assessment Diaries, go to the accessECC Portal (click here for link), and on the "Self-Service Menu" box, select "Continuing Ed Registration" -> "Continuing Ed Registration" -> "Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes." In the "Course Code Number" box, enter the specific course code provided in the semester CETL booklet or search "CFD" to bring up all courses. Select the workshops you'd like to register for and click "Submit." From there, follow the commands to finish registering. All courses are free of charge.

Registering ahead of time through accessECC ensures that the course shows up on your transcript and helps for logistical preparations.

Click here for more detailed instructions, including screenshots.

Retrieving Your Transcript to Apply for Lane Movement

To retrieve your transcript, go to the accessECC Portal (click here for link) and click either the Employee or Student Tab. Under the “Self-Service Menu” choose “Students,” select “Student Records & Schedule.” From there, select “Transcript” -> “Submit” to retrieve.

Click here for more detailed instructions, including screenshots.