TeachECC is an annual conference dedicated to ECC members sharing varied approaches to designing and facilitating student-centered, active, and inclusive learning. All employees are invited to attend.

Past TeachECC Information

Faculty Self-Service Application Selection


Register for any and all sessions via the eTalent Learning platform, which can be accessed from the Employee Apps of the accessECC Portal.

Instructions for using eTalent Learning can be found over on the ECC Electronic Platforms page.

Question of the Day Activity

Each day of TeachECC, all are invited to share teaching and student support strategies by responding to the Question of the Day.

You are welcome to submit a written, audio, or video response. Try to keep it brief (200 words max), and feel free to share any helpful links as well.

Instructions: To participate,

1) Click on the day listed.

2) Read the Question of the Day prompt.

3) If you'd like your name to appear with your post (encouraged) first sign in to Padlet with your student.elgin.edu Google email. Then, click on the pink plus sign in the bottom right, and submit a brief written, video, or audio response. If not signed in, the response will be anonymous.