Teaching Squares

The Teaching Squares program is currently on hiatus. We hope to resume the program soon!


Teaching Squares is a program that organizes faculty in peer groups for non-evaluative teaching observations and discussion that focus on dialogue and self-reflection. Faculty form groups of 4 and commit to observing one another's classes one time during the semester. Rather than providing feedback to the person being observed, this is an opportunity to watch someone else and then reflect on your own teaching practices and perhaps receive inspiration for new approaches. Participation in the program includes

  • An introductory meeting (details shared at the beginning of each semester)

  • Observing one course taught by each of the members of your squares

  • Completing a set of reflection questions

  • Engaging in a final meeting to discuss observations and reflection points.

Faculty of all disciplines, experience levels, and teaching backgrounds are invited. Observing others and being observed in a non-evaluative way by a peer can help ease into the official ECC Classroom Observation process. Additionally, lane credit is earned for attending the opening meeting and participating in the program.

Introductory meetings for the program are held at the start of each semester.