ECC Faculty Questions & Suggestions

ECC Faculty Questions About Online and Remote Teaching

This page provides a forum to ask teaching-related questions about resources, strategies, and policy regarding online and remote teaching and to share resources. To pose a question, read the instructions below and follow along in the embedded Google Group box at the bottom. To access the Google Group Questions below, faculty will need to click on the box and then sign in using their ECC Gmail account (

How to Post a Question

To post a question, scroll to the box below. Click the "Join Group" button in the top right of the screen. Next, click the red "New Question" button at the top left. You should then see a place to enter your question title and your question text. When posting, please include your name, department, and email address in the question dialogue box so that individual follow-up can be done, as needed.

NOTE: While posting a question, if the text at the bottom of the screen reads "Loading" for an elongated period, click the "Open Google Groups" icon at the top right of the box to launch a new window for the Google Groups application.

Receiving an Answer

When you "Join Group," you will be automatically signed up to receive an email response when an answer is posted. You can adjust the number of emails you receive by selecting "My groups" within the Google Groups application.

ECC Faculty Suggestions Forum for Online and Remote Teaching

This section is intended to provide a space to suggest activities and links and for faculty to share what's they've had success with in their own teaching (either in regular online or hybrid courses). It utilizes a Google Doc for entering information. Once information is typed in, it will be available to be read below and through the link. To access the Google Doc below to either read or edit, faculty will need to click on the link and then sign in using their ECC Gmail account (

The document is organized by the following categories

  • Approaches You Currently Use

  • Links to Individual Articles

  • Links to Full Websites

ECC Faculty Suggestions