ECC Faculty Videos

This page features videos of ECC faculty demonstrating various teaching approaches, using online platforms and technology, that they've had success with.

Chasity Gunn Details Using Nearpod for Interactive Videos

Watch Chasity Gunn, Instructor of English, detail how she utilizes nearpod to make videos interactive, and even involve assessment, for her students.

Laura Haske Explains Her System of Using Google Tools to Organize Content

Watch Laura Haske, Associate Professor I of Paralegal, explain her system of using Google tools to simplify updating materials to D2L and to make content easier for students to navigate.

Marc Hucek Demonstrates How He Uses Explain Everything for Dynamic Content

Watch Marc Hucek, Associate Professor I of Welding, demonstrate how he uses Explain Everything for a variety of features to create well-rounded videos for his students.

Geoff Pynn Shows How He Uses Flipgrid for Lively Discussions

Watch Geoff Pynn, Assistant Professor II of Philosophy, show how he uses Flipgrid to foster lively and thoughtful discussions and how it's simplified grading online discussions.