2020-2021 Faculty FAQs

Frequently Asked Faculty Questions on the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Campus Re-opening Plan

Campus Buildings and Door Entrances

Which entrances are open? What is the door schedule?

Manual doors:

Door M1-4Monday – Thursday unlock at 7:00am/lock at 9:00pmFriday unlock at 7:00/lock at 3:00pm
Door E1-1Monday-Saturday unlock as needed for activity
Door O1-1Monday - Thursday unlock at 7:00am/lock at 9:00pmFriday unlock at 7:00/lock at 3:00Saturday unlock at 7:00am/lock at 3:00pm

Automated doors:

Door A1-2Monday – Thursday unlock at 7:00am/lock at 9:00pmFriday unlock at 7:00/lock at 8:00pmSaturday unlock at 7:00am/lock at 3:00pm
Door H1-1Monday – Thursday unlock at 7:00am/lock at 9:00pmFriday unlock at 7:00/lock at 3:00pmSaturday unlock at 7:00am/lock at 3:00pm

Will entrances be monitored for face covering usage?

Entrances will be monitored for face covering usage as people enter the building and have their temperature taken. A box of masks will be available to provide to anyone that enters without a mask. If an individual refuses to wear a mask, ECCPD will be notified.

Will the college take the temperatures of individuals coming into the buildings?

Beginning Monday, August 24, everyone will have their temperature taken upon entry at the following locations:

A1-2: walk-in temperature check station

H1-1: drive-thru temperature check station

M1-4: walk-in temperature check station to begin 8/28

O1-1: walk-in temperature check station

Individuals who enter the campus with a temperature 100.3 or below will be given a color-coded sticker to show that they were checked and are cleared to be on campus. Students and employees will not be required to have their temperature taken as they leave and return to campus during the day and should continue to wear their sticker.

Individuals who enter the campus with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be allowed to remain on campus. Employees not allowed on campus will be directed to follow up with Human Resources. Students not allowed on campus will be directed to follow up with Dr. Gregory Robinson, the Associate Vice-President of Student Services and Development/Dean of Students.

As a faculty member, do I need permission to come on campus if I’m not teaching?

Special permission is not required for faculty to be on campus to pick something up. However, faculty are not allowed to work in their office or teach virtually from their office.

Do I need to request permission to hold a student event outside of class on campus?

During the COVID-19 pandemic response at ECC, the College’s primary goal is to support students in completing their course work as safely as possible. The College will offer all activities that do not directly provide support or services to the student body or community through a virtual platform to the greatest extent possible. Any on-campus events must be approved by the faculty member’s dean and the College’s operations team.

Social Distancing and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Is everyone on campus required to wear a face mask?

All employees and students permitted on campus are required to wear a proper face covering upon entry and during their entire stay on campus.

Will masks be available for students if they don’t have their own?

Yes. Face coverings will be available for pick up at the following locations:

Switchboard – Room A103

Recruitment – Room B110

Testing – Room B115

Student Accounts – Room B151

Financial Aid – Room B156

Athletics – Room J115

What should faculty do if a student refuses to wear a mask in class?

We recognize that there is the potential to encounter someone on campus that is not wearing a mask. There may be instances where an individual is on campus without a mask but just needs to be reminded or provided a mask. If an employee sees anyone on campus without a mask the employee can remind the individual that masks are required on campus and let the individual know that there are several locations on campus where a mask can be obtained should the individual not have one.

If it is clear that the individual is refusing to wear a mask, employees have a few options depending on the situation.

Individual refusing to wear a mask and is known to the employee witnessing the refusal:

  • Report students to Student Affairs

  • Report employees to their supervisors or HR

Individual refusing to wear a mask and is not known to the employee witnessing the refusal:

  • The employee can contact ECCPD. ECCPD will attempt to locate the individual and address the situation.

Student in class refusing to wear a mask and has been asked to leave the classroom:

  • The instructor should contact ECCPD and ECCPD will respond and address the situation.

How do I order additional PPE for my lab classroom?

Additional PPE for use in the classroom can be ordered through the PPE Request Form.

Missed Classes Due to Illness

What do I do if a student calls or e-mails me to say they or a family member are sick and don’t know if they have COVID-19? Do I cancel class, and what do I tell students?

Students have been instructed to contact their instructor or supervisor if they have been “exposed” to COVID-19 or “tested positive” for the virus. In the event a student contacts faculty regarding exposure or a positive test for COVID-19, the faculty member should immediately notify their Dean and provide the student’s name, student ID number, and the section or service area.

The Dean will then contact the Associate Vice President/Dean of Students to initiate the appropriate actions. Once the case has been investigated, the Dean of Students will contact the faculty and classmates of the student. Full details of the case on campus protocol can be found in the Return to Campus Guide.

If a student cannot attend class due to illness this semester, what am I expected to do in terms of attendance and grading?

Faculty will be encouraged to be more flexible than in ordinary semesters in accommodating student absences resulting from COVID19-related issues (illness of self, family, childcare challenges). However, faculty members shall retain the freedom to establish attendance policies that they deem appropriate for the subject matter and class but must be in compliance with guidelines issued by the Illinois Community College Board or the Higher Learning Commission.

Student Resources

Which student services will be available to students online and in-person?

Most student resources are available online or in-person with an appointment. Students can be referred to Campus Central for detailed information.

Where should I direct students if they have technology needs such as a Chromebook or WIFI hotspot?

Students should be referred to the Library Circulation Desk at circdesk@elgin.edu for Chromebook requests and deanofstudentservices@elgin.edu for Wi-Fi hotspots.

Will computer labs be available on campus for student use?

A limited number of library computers are available for use by ECC students and ECC employees Monday thru Thursday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Social distancing practices were used to determine which computers are available. At this time, the public is not allowed in the library.

Resources for Faculty

Can I come on campus to record a lesson using specialized equipment in the classroom? What is the process?

The Information Technology (IT) department will assemble mobile video recording/zoom carts with the needed equipment for faculty to create videos. The mobility of the carts will allow equipment to be used in different classrooms and allow faculty to position the document camera in a myriad of configurations to capture what is being videoed from different angles.

Included on the cart are:

  • Laptop

  • Document camera

  • Sanitizing products

Faculty should contact the IT Help Desk to reserve a cart if one is not already available in their area. Scheduling use of the cart is contingent upon availability. If carts are not available for the date and time requested, IT will work with faculty to determine an alternate date for recording the instructional video.

How do I request technology to deliver instruction from my home?

Use the Equipment Loan Request Form to request office and classroom equipment such as laptops, webcams, etc. necessary to perform remote work.

How do I contact the D2L 24hr support hotline?

ECC has adopted the D2L End User Support to provide faculty members and students access to on demand assistance when needed. You will begin seeing this logo inside D2L and around the Distance Learning support sites. It will link you to the D2L knowledge base, and/or access to e-mail, chat, and telephone support 24 hours a day. To access 24 hour D2L support: go to the link above, or call toll free 1-877-325-7778. As always, Distance Learning will continue to be available to assist you during normal business hours at 847-214-7620 or d2lhelpdesk@elgin.edu.

Where can I find additional resources for faculty?

The ECC Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides many resources for teaching online, links to useful sites, and all communication sent to faculty from the Vice President of Teaching, Learning, and Student Development.