Assessment of Student Learning at ECC

Assessing course learning outcomes to study and improve learning.

Assessing cocurriclar program outcomes to study and improve study learning in cocuricular programs and activities. 

Analyzing program data and reflecting as a group to measure program success and set goals

ECC's General Education Outcomes and the Student Learning Assessment & Advisory Committee

Data dashboards to visualize and disaggregate outcomes and student success data

Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

Data Usage and Privacy Policies

Does collecting student IDs with student work pose any challenges to student confidentiality under FERPA? 

Three Administrative Procedures, all written in consideration of FERPA, provide guidance. Per the administrative procedures aligned with FERPA, ECC employees are permitted access to education records with identifiable student information when those employees are working within their roles to improve the quality of academic programs, which is the goal of student learning assessment.

Lastly, personnel within the offices of Assessment and Institutional Research conduct their work in accordance with the Statement of Ethical Principles put forth by the Association of Institutional Research. This statement includes details about data privacy and confidentiality, and describes the professional role as being “responsible data stewards.” 

For further questions or discussion, feel free to contact Lisa Wiehle, Manager of Outcomes Assessment.