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Example Assessment Activities 

Honors Program

1) What Outcome or Outcomes are Being Focused on? 

2) How Was Data Collected? 

3) What did the Department Determine As Benchmarks for Students Exceeding, Meeting, or Approaching Expectations? 

Benchmarks of Exceeding, Meeting, or Approaching Expectations were determined to not be applicable to this assessment method of finding themes in students' self reflections.  

4) What Were the Results? 

In the outcome related to research (1), common themes from students were 

Regarding the outcome related to learning experiences outside of the classroom (5), students generally were less adept at providing reflection and leaned more on only summarizing their experiences. Those that did provide reflection emphasized appreciation for having leadership opportunities and learning the significance of supporting team members with mental and emotional support as crucial to their role. 

5) What is the Honors Committee's Response to the Data? 

Committee members were pleased with the ways that students emphasized research as a process and especially pleased with how students expressed that they will continue applying those research skills to future courses.