One-on-One Consultations

CETAL invites you to connect one-on-one with CETAL staff to share ideas and get feedback. We provide confidential consultation services to support the teaching and learning needs of faculty. Consultations offer faculty the opportunity to critically reflect on their teaching practices, review different components of their class in a supportive and collaborative nature, and engage in reflective and academic discourse on various topics related to teaching.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation email Heather Martin, Assistant Dean of CETAL at hmartin@elgin.ed, or Tyler Roeger, Associate Dean of CETAL at

Assignment Feedback and Revision

CETAL staff are available to review assignments and assessments and provide feedback. We can work with you to revise your assignment to reduce students' likelihood of using AI or to incorporate AI in a way that encourages students' growth and engagement.

Teaching Consultations

CETAL staff are available to meet with faculty on a range of different teaching topics. Topics include:

Non-evaluative Classroom Observation

CETAL staff are available to conduct non-evaluative class observations. The observations are followed by confidential, reflective conversations between the instructor and the CETAL observer. The focus of the observation is up to the instructor, but it must be specified prior to the observation.  Some possible questions a CETAL observation can answer are:

*taken from non-evaluative equity observation using