New Faculty Orientation 

Spring 2024 NFO Seminar Days 

New Faculty Orientation for Part-time Faculty

Saturday, January 6, 2024 8:30am- 12:30pm

Online, via Zoom

January 4 New Faculty Orientation Agenda

*Optional Teaching Foundations Session on Saturday, January 6, 2024 from 1:30- 4:30pm. The Teaching Foundations Session provides an overview of drafting lesson objectives, creating lessons plans, and creating assignments. The session is intended for faculty who are new to classroom instruction. 

New Faculty Orientation for Full-time Faculty 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 9:00am- 2:00pm and

Wednesday, January 10, 2024 9:00am- 12:30pm

In-person, On Campus

January 9 and 10 New Faculty Orientation Agenda

New Faculty Orientation Overview

All new faculty are invited and encouraged to participate in the New Faculty Orientation program. The program consists of

Fall Full-Time Faculty NFO Series Schedule 

Semester 1

September:  Tenure & Evaluation at ECC

October:  Instructional Design Strategies

November:  Creating Transparent Assignments

December:  D2L Module Design and Accessibility

Semester 2

February:  TeachECC Conference

March:  Universal Design for Learning

April:  Student Motivation & Engagement

May:  Culturally Responsive Teaching

Spring Full-Time Faculty NFO Series Schedule 

Semester 1

January:  Tenure & Evaluation at ECC

February:  TeachECC Conference

March:  Instructional Design Strategies

April:  D2L Module Design and Accessibility

Semester 2

September:  Creating Transparent Assignments

October:  Universal Design for Learning

November  Student Motivation & Engagement

December:  Culturally Responsive Teaching