Program Review

What is Program Review?

Program Review is a quality assurance and improvement process proscribed by ICCB. From their website:

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) is mandated by the Illinois Public Community College Act to coordinate a statewide program review system (see P.A. 78- 669). Various program areas and services, including instructional programs, are required to be reviewed once every five years by their respective community college and submitted to the ICCB, but more frequent and continuous reviews (e.g. annual) are encouraged. 

The purpose of Statewide Program Review is to: 

This purpose aligns with the ICCB goals focused on reducing inequities, strengthening programming, and contributing to the economic development of the state. 

The Statewide Program Review process is designed to complement college-level planning and decision making, and reflect on the integration of various programs and services, in addition to providing information that will assist the ICCB in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities. Program review can be a critical tool for continuous improvement and evaluation of programs and services offered by the college. Prepared with adequate data, program review can be instrumental in identifying inequities, including racial equity gaps, and can serve as a process to engage stakeholders purposefully in advancing equity. Program review should be aligned and integrated with other continuous quality improvement processes. These processes may include but are not limited to strategic planning of instructional programming, development of the annual calendar, data submission and reporting, and accreditation review. 

Program Review Expectations 

In general, college program review processes should:  

 How does Program Review work at ECC?




When is my next program review?

FINAL.5-year ICCB Schedule for ECC programs-FY22-26.xlsx