Faculty Equity Research Community

All faculty are invited to apply by November 1, 2023 to take part in a Faculty Equity Reseach Community cohort from Spring 2024 through Fall 2024. 

The Faculty Equity Research Community (FERC) is an initiative that supports faculty's equitable teaching journey through data-informed research projects. 

The FERC is intended to enhance equity-mindedness among faculty participants to ultimately decrease noted equity gaps in participants courses through

Process and Timeline 

Semester 1 (Spring)

Faculty participants engage in regular meetings to deepen understanding of 

Tentative meeting and learning topics include 

End of Semester 1, participants submit a mid-project report detailing their research project

Semester 2 (Fall)

Faculty participants will implement the intervention determined in Semester 1 and collect data regarding impact. Faculty will analyze the data collected and write a report of their findings. Guidance and support will be provided during this process. 

End of Semester 2, participants submit a final report detailing analysis of collected data. 

Faculty participants will share their experience of this process with others and present their findings at TeachECC, a TLSD Meeting, or another appropriate forum. 

Participant Support and Compensation 

Faculty participants receive a $1,200 stipend for participating. A $600 stipend is paid to participants after submitting the mid-project report after Semester 1. A second $600 stipend is paid to participants after submitting the final report following Semester 2. 

Participants receive additional support in learning opportunities on topics like data disaggregation using the Tableau data visualization. 


Examples of Faculty Experience in the Faculty Equity Project (Previous Iteration of the FERC) 

Equity Project.mp4

Teaching Strategies and Measuring Impacts

Below are reports written by FERC participants. They are organized based on the teaching strategies used and the strategies used to measure impact. To view the reports, make sure to first sign in with your @student.elgin.edu email address. 

Teaching Strategies

Building Campus Resources into the Curriculum

Applying to Participate in the Faculty Equity Research Community 

All faculty are invited to participate. Faculty apply in the fall to begin in the FERC in the following spring. 

The deadline to apply to participate in a cohort from Spring 2024 through Fall 2024 is November 1, 2023. 

To access the FERC Participant Application below, make sure to first be logged in with your @student.elgin.edu account. 

Faculty Equity Research Community Participant Application