Student Support Resources

Spartan Success/Early Alert

Spartan Success is ECC’s early alert system which is designed to promote retention and student success. Students who are experiencing difficulty early in the semester can benefit from this early intervention. When faculty encounter a situation with a student in which the faculty or student would benefit from additional support, faculty are encouraged to submit a Spartan Alert within the first 3-4 weeks of class.

Click here to find more details, including how to submit a Spartan Success and the follow-up process.

For additional instructions, watch the Spartan Success video on the ECC Electronic Platforms page.

Student Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations are designed to provide equal access to students with disabilities. The accommodations are determined on an individual basis; therefore, not all accommodations are appropriate for every student. When a faculty member has a student who is registered to receive accommodations, the faculty member will receive an electronic notification from the ECC Student Disability Services Office.

Click here to find Frequently Asked Questions related to receiving an Accommodations Letter, including how to respond.

Wellness Services

ECC's Wellness Services Office Focuses on health and well-being to maximize personal and academic growth and development. The mission of Wellness Services is to provide support for personal well-being so students can focus on academic success. They offer students one-on-one sessions about psychosocial issues that impact academic performance. Students may drop in and/or make an appointment in the Student Success office, Building B, room 120.

Click here for more information about Wellness Services on campus.

The Tutoring Center

ECC offers student free one-on-one tutoring sessions on a variety of fields and courses, led by professional tutors.

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The Renner (ECC) Library

Among many other services, the library offers students one-on-one guidance on finding and evaluating research materials for numerous disciplines and fields. For more information on the ECC library, including services for faculty, follow this link to the library homepage.