Leading for Learning Classroom Strategies


The Leading for Learning workshop series featured four hands-on sessions focusing on strategies for leading active and inclusive class lessons. Each workshop detailed research-based, practical ways to foster learning through varied teaching practices. 

Wednesday, September 7 2:30- 4:30pm in E216 OR Thursday, September 8 2:30- 4:30pm (Online via Zoom)

Facilitators:  Lori Jones (Math), Tyler Roeger (CETL), and Chrystie Wojcik (Culinary Arts & Hospitality)

Decades of research has indicated that students being able to see themselves as part of the class is crucial to their learning. This workshop will detail strategies that faculty can use, especially early in a course, to help students believe they belong in the course and at the college, such as encouraging students to articulate individual goals, learning about and incorporating students’ backgrounds and interests, and supporting a growth mindset, among other possible topics.

September 8, 2022 Workshop Recording

Wednesday, September 21 2:00- 4:00pm in E216 OR Thursday, September 22 9:00- 11:00am (Online via Zoom)

Facilitator:  Tyler Roeger (CETL)

Class discussions can be an impactful strategy for active learning, and for better and sometimes for worse, they often don’t go as planned. This workshop will examine discussion structures and types of questions that contribute to meaningful class discussions that generate critical thinking. In addition to focusing on types of questions to ask and ways to ensure students speak with one another rather than only the instructor, we’ll discuss ways to overcome common challenges that occur in class discussions.

Workshop Slides 

Structuring Class Discussions Resource

Wednesday, October 5 1:00- 3:00pm in E216 OR Thursday, October 6 2:30- 4:30pm (Online via Zoom)

Facilitators:  Tina Ballard (English) and Alison Douglas (English)

Assigning students to complete a reading in or out of class and having them gain what’s expected is much easier said than done. This workshop will help faculty in varied disciplines to learn ways to help their students with reading skills that are specific to their subject areas.

Workshop Slides

Wednesday, October 26 2:00- 4:00pm in E216 OR Thursday, October 27 9:00- 11:00am (Online via Zoom)

Facilitator:  Parul Raval (Education) and Gloria Roman (Education)

Student-to-student collaboration is an impactful learning strategy that, when done well, can support students in learning several skills that they’ll routinely use later on. And yet, there are inevitably challenges that can come up, such as ensuring all members are contributing, assessing student input, and managing potential conflicts. In this workshop, participants will consider several factors that can make or break student-to-student collaboration and plan how to navigate group work in their own courses.

Cooperative Strategies Resource

October 27, 2022 Workshop Recording

Gathering and Responding to Student Feedback

Facilitator:  Tyler Roeger (CETL), Gathering student feedback during a course is an important way to assess student experience and forefront students in the learning process. This session will focus on ways to methodically solicit and incorporate student feedback throughout a course.
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