Count Me In! Campaign

The Spring 2020 Count Me In! Challenge

As part of ECC's Count Me In! Campaign, faculty are challenged to tie one of their lessons during the Spring 2020 semester to the 2020 Census. Faculty are encouraged to find a way to tie the skills/content/knowledge of one of their lessons to some facet or element of the United States Census and to mention the Count Me In! Campaign to their students.

This does not mean that you have to be an expert on the census or American governmental policies. Possible entry points are topics like surveys, government funding, the connection between local communities and federal government, what defines a region, misinformation, civic duties, and more. Be as creative as you like in trying to somehow connect one class to data, discussion, questions, practices, or something tied to the census.

Then, post your name, the date of your post, and a short (2-3 sentence) summary of the lesson on the Googledoc below. Feel free to take inspiration from others as you work, and ask your colleagues or Tyler Roeger, Director of CETL, for ideas.

Click here to access the Googledoc to enter your summary. It will then appear on the document below.

Count Me In Challenge