FA22 TLSD Meeting: Assumptions to Inquiry Activity


  1. You will be placed in a Breakout Room. First, on your own, read the student scenario and complete the fill-in-the-blank Frames Paragraph, jotting down answers to be able to share with others.

  2. After everyone’s written their Frames Paragraph, begin by only reading your completed Frames essays. Do not make or allow additional comments at this point. Please resist the urge to comment after the individual responses.

  3. Finally, hold a brief discussion with your group about observations, connections between ideas, and what other questions the analysis generates. Some questions that you might respond to as a group include

  1. What were the most notable similarities in your responses?

  2. What were the most notable differences between your responses?

  3. Focusing on the final blank in the Frames prompt, what more would you want to learn to support this student? What questions would you have?

Student Scenario

For the first 10 weeks of the semester, Student A participated regularly and fairly enthusiastically in class discussions and activities. He demonstrated clear and quick understanding of the class material and submitted consistently exceptional work. By often asking thoughtful questions and taking class activities in an unexpected direction, he showed an excellent ability to think independently, which could often emerge in him veering off topic as well. Because he often completed in-class activities and work before others, he would often start working in class on what appeared to be homework for other courses. In week 11, he suddenly stopped attending class and submitting assignments. He’s not responded to any communications since.

Frames Paragraph: Fill in the Blanks

In the student scenario, I observed that ____________. I believe this to be true because ___________________ (make an analysis statement from your own knowledge of your institution). This is (choose: similar or different) with students I interact with. I wonder if this is because____________ (share a thought from your own experience). To support the student, I would like to know _____________.