Teaching Resources

The Teaching Resources section of the CETAL site features pages dedicated to removing barriers for students through Access and Accommodations, to numerous strategies for Online Teaching (both synchronous and asynchronous), and details for accessing hundreds of free videos and articles, among other resources. 

For an efficient method of setting up Office Hours appointments with students, see Dr. Alison Douglas's how-to guide below. 

Instructions for Creating an Appointment Calendar for Students

Includes steps for maximizing accessibility in Microsoft Word and Zoom as well as Faculty Frequently Asked Questions regarding working with students requested accommodations

Provides policy information online teaching at ECC, video tutorials from ECC faculty on online strategies, and detailed approaches to several topics such as 

Magna 20-Minute Mentor Video Resources

ECC has acquired access to Magna Publishing’s 20-Minute Mentor Commons. This includes access to Magna’s 20-Minute Mentor videos, which provide concise, research-based strategies on varied teaching topics.

The on-demand videos can be watched at any time. Example topics include

All ECC employees now have access to Magna’s full library of on-demand 20 Minute Mentor resources for the next 12 months. Instructions for setting up your free account with Magna and accessing the 20 Minute Mentor videos are below.

To register and log in to access the group instruction, follow the instructions below. To view the instructions link, please login using your student.elgin.edu email information when prompted,

ECC Magna 20-Minute Mentor Instructions

Need help? Call 800-433-0499 ext. 2 or email support@magnapubs.com. 

The Teaching Professor:  Articles and Videos

As a member of ECC, faculty have access to numerous teaching-related articles and videos, at no cost, through The Teaching Professor. 

Follow the steps at the below link to activate your subscription and access to materials. 

The Teaching Professor Access Instructions 

Need help? Call 800-433-0499 ext. 2 or email support@magnapubs.com

Additional Articles on Teaching 

These curated articles in the categories below are of varying length and provide research, examples, and guidance on a variety of teaching topics. They are organized via a Library Research Guide* and are loosely organized by topic. Have a suggestion for an article or topic to include? Email Tyler Roeger at troeger@elgin.edu 

CETAL Teaching Resources Home Page 

 *In addition to organizing the teaching materials on the CETAL site, Library Research Guides can be created for any course or assignment. ECC librarians are eager to work with faculty to create tailored guides for any discipline. If you’d like to reach out to a librarian about possibly creating a Research Guide for one of your courses, contact Stacey Shah at sshah@elgin.edu

TeachECC and Assessment Diaries Presentations 

The links below contains materials past TeachECC and events. 

TeachECC 2021 Presentations and Materials

Assessment Diaries 2020 Presentation Materials 

Addressing Difficult Topics and Events

Throughout the course, difficult national and local events may occur that are worth addressing with students, either through simply acknowledging or discussing. For faculty who would like to address with their classes and would like a basic email template that may be adapted, the below content is offered. 

Communication that Faculty Might Send to Students 

I’m writing because ________________________. 

I recognize that this event, has likely made it exceptionally difficult to be a student. It’s okay if you are experiencing a variety of feelings, and it’s okay to be silent for a moment to process. 

I sincerely hope that everyone in this course has opportunities to process, on your own or with others, your reactions and experiences. Please remember to take care of your physical needs (eating, sleeping, connecting with others), and please try to consider how you are feeling. 

Campus Resources

For all students, ECC has a group of trained Wellness Professionals who are available to help support mental and emotional well-being. To schedule a free appointment with an ECC Wellness Professional 

Office Hours 

Finally, my Office Hours times are:  INSERT OFFICE HOURS INFO 

Students are welcome to discuss non-course related topics, especially if any students would like to generally check in.

Resources to Share with Students

Resources To Further Support Faculty 

Questions? Additional Thoughts, or Resources to share? Please contact Tyler Roeger, Associate Dean of CETAL, at troeger@elgin.edu