Exploration Labs

AI Exploration Labs

The goal of the AI Exploration Labs is to give faculty time to get hands-on experience with various AI tools and see how they might be used in teaching and how students might use them. The one-hour lab sessions are held in the F200 computer classroom.

The AI Exploration Labs include brief activities so that you can familiarize yourselves with the tools. People can come and go as they'd like. The AI tools that will be explored are listed below. Reminder emails will be sent prior to the events.

No registration is needed. 

Spring 2024 Schedule

Creating and Revising Rubrics

Examples, Explanations, and Discussion Questions 

Brainstorming with Students 

Fall 2023 Schedule

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Information Sheet


To-Teach and PicFinder

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Scaffolding Labs

What is Scaffolding? 

Scaffolding can be defined as breaking down major projects and assignments into component parts, or stages, and providing support structures for students to succeed at the individual tasks. When scaffolding assignments and projects, resources like templates, project proposals, and focused exercises are used to aid students in completing the major component parts of an assignment, with the goal that students are then able to complete such projects without such support in the future (once the scaffolding is removed).

The counter to scaffolding would be to present major concepts and competencies in a lesson and then to expect students to go off and return with a completed project, with minimal feedback along the way and no support structures to aid students in completing the individual components and with few opportunities low-stakes practice.  

What Will the Scaffolding Labs Involve? 

The one-hour Scaffolding Lab sessions are held in the F200 computer classroom. They feature examples of scaffolding assignments and courses, templates and diagrams to help faculty plan how to scaffold course elements, and the time and space to work on scaffolding a course component in the company of colleagues to help generate ideas and share feedback. 

No registration is needed. 




Scaffolding Lab Resources